CDN Growth Figures

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CDN is growing quickly and our usage numbers are set to explode in 2016.

As you can see from the chart below, we're already starting to see that trend in March as we come close to the 200,000/month deliveries mark.

Growth chart for epod deliveries in US by CDN

There are approx. 18 million vehicle deliveries per year in the US.

The support of industry OEMs is vital to our growth. We grateful to the Carriers, Delivery Agents and OEMs who have embraced mobile technology to realize the business benefits.

Current OEMs using CDN

Our dealership coverage now extends from coast to coast.

Dealerships CDN has delivered to this month

Our rail ramp growth is pretty impressive too.

We added new rail ramps to our network this month, with a minimum of 20 more expected this year using our eGate Out technology.

Rail ramps on the CDN network

About CDN

Car Delivery Network is a company of logistics technologists who passionately believe that modern software, combined with free thinking from like minded industry users, can bring positive benefits to automotive logistics service providers, shippers and their customers. At CDN, we do not accept the phrase of "because we have always done it that way". We constantly ask why and what if?


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