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About Us

The Car Delivery Network was formed in 2010 by Wayne Pollock, Mike Thorby and Chris Wallis.

We were all active in the UK vehicle logistics and mobile technology industries and realised that the automotive industry was struggling to modernise and embrace the technological advances of the Internet and mobile devices had to offer. We formed Car Delivery Network based on the following core beliefs of why CDN exists. The CDN team continues to expand bringing industry experience and focus.

Our Why's

We believe in the need to simplify automotive logistics

We believe that vehicle logistics can be simpler - that over time the industry has created a very fragmented and complex distribution network.

As an industry we have evolved, adapting to the requirements of customers and suppliers across a range of sectors. Throughout this process, the distribution network has grown organically and in isolation, with shippers and carriers building their own individual networks to suit their own individual needs.

This disconnected infrastructure is now incapable of supporting a modern industry, however the core business of moving vehicles is fundamentally the same as it always has been. The Car Delivery Network is designed to bring all of these networks together, to make the most of technology and modern communication methods - to simplify vehicle logistics.

Standardisation is nothing new - we have seen it successfully adopted across the majority of global industries. With standardisation comes cost saving, reduced risk, better efficiency and ultimately increased customer satisfaction. In short, it provides a simpler and better alternative to the fragmented industry we currently work in. Our belief is that this methodology must be embraced by the automotive logistics industry in the near future in order for it to thrive, and that is our reason for creating the Car Delivery Network.

We believe that you’re better off connected

Connecting people is at the core of what we want to achieve. Our platform is designed to bring the automotive logistics industry together. Connecting disparate and cherished systems together in a way that promotes strong working relationships and effective communication. We believe that when your business connects to a shipper, carrier or driver, it should be done once and in a simple, quick and consistent way. We believe you should have complete control over who you connect with and that all communications and transactions should be standardised. The platform we have developed makes all of this possible. We have listened to the industry and by evolving and innovating through hundreds of thousands of real world transactions we have arrived at an industry solution that is set to change the way we all interact.

The Car Delivery Network platform has an open API that allows existing technologies currently used within the industry to connect easily. We understand that investments have been made and we don’t ask that you simply discard them. Instead we ask that you plug your business into the cloud platform and benefit from real-time communication and data exchange across a network that simply isn’t available in any other form. Together, you’re better connected.

We believe that everyone can benefit

The Car Delivery Network team believes that every business using our platform must benefit from it.

  • We understand that our customers will not utilise our platform unless they feel they can benefit from it.

  • We believe that shippers, carriers and drivers should all derive exponential value from our platform.

  • We are driven to make sure this happens.

We have looked at the industry from all perspectives and built our platform to add value for each business sector. We believe that everyone can win if business is approached in an open, transparent and ethical manner. This doesn’t mean that we compromise our customers’ business confidentiality, or their relationships and commercial arrangements. It means we approach everything with the aim of shared business benefit for all concerned. By providing a platform that is open and shared across the industry we are creating an environment of shared implementation and cost. By encouraging our customers to work together and communicate effectively we are uniting a fragmented industry. By listening and innovating we are taking the transport industry out of the past and into the future.

We believe in Challenging the Status Quo

At Car Delivery Network, we believe that the status quo needs to be constantly challenged - we never assume that the way we have done things before is still the best way to do things. In business, as in life, without people challenging the status quo we would never learn, improve, evolve or benefit from the changes that it brings. We have observed as other industries met those challenges and moved on to be more efficient, effective and profitable. We believe that now is the time for the automotive transport industry to challenge the status quo and that all those involved can benefit and profit from the changes it brings.

Henry Ford once said “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” And you can almost imagine them saying it, because to those customers the thought of not using horses to get around was unthinkable, just as in today’s transport industry the thought of not having paperwork or using load boards is almost unthinkable. We all make assumptions that are based on our personal experiences and historical data but what if those experiences and data are now wrong, no longer relevant. What if there is a better way? Do we not owe it to ourselves and our industry to explore new boundaries for the greater good of all? The world continues to evolve, new technologies and laws come into force and while change is always difficult and scary we must adapt and move or we will be left behind, isolated, redundant and missing vital opportunities.

CDN believe that logistics can be made simpler. We can help the automotive logistics industry to embrace and adapt to the changing technologies available. We see it as our cause that through thought leadership, transparency and open communications we can bring new opportunities to this industry. We’re here to challenge the industry and we ask that you challenge us in return. Our platform will become the culmination of the needs and wants of the industry, helping it to work together - making it faster, smarter and more efficient.


About CDN

Car Delivery Network is a company of logistics technologists who passionately believe that modern software, combined with free thinking from like minded industry users, can bring positive benefits to automotive logistics service providers, shippers and their customers. At CDN, we do not accept the phrase of "because we have always done it that way". We constantly ask why and what if?