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  1. Carrier Exchange inception
    10 June 2019 |

    February was not the greatest time to be in Kansas City. Despite the minus 20 degree wind chill and record snow-fall amounts, a group of 4 tier-one carries in the industry still agreed to meet with CDN to discuss what the industry standard should be for the Carrier Exchange.

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  2. Logistics and ePOD app delivers savings for RVL
    20 February 2018 |

    Rapidly growing vehicle delivery specialist Reliable Vehicle Logistics (RVL) has found that the visibility and control provided by the cloud-based vinDELIVER Office and driver mobile app has created competitive edge and delivered savings by expediting the transportation process.

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  3. CDN UK 1st User Group
    11 August 2016 |

    Great networking and positive feedback at first CDN User Group Day

    CDN held its first UK User Group meeting this week, bringing together carriers to explore industry challenges and opportunities, as well as establishing customers’ future technology needs.

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  4. MCAC commences roll-out of CDN's vinDELIVER app
    22 April 2014 |

    After a successful ‘pilot’ over the last 4 months, Motor Car Auto Carriers (MCAC) has completed testing of the CDN vinDELIVER mobile application for Chrysler's ePOD readiness program. MCAC expects their roll out of vinDELIVER to be completed by April 30th, 2014.

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