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Eliminate paper processes, double key entry, logistics chatter, and the need for multiple driver applications when sharing loads with other carriers.

The Carrier exchange is a simple to implement "EDI" solution that enables Carrier TMS systems to share loads and inventory with each other in real-time.  The exchange facilitates the flow of logistics data from one system to another without process change. 250+ Carrier companies already use their own TMS system, driver application and the exchange to transact load, ePoD and delivery status information every day. Costly and time-consuming paper processes, double key data entry and email/telephone communications have been eliminated. 

Do you share or receive loads from other carriers? 

Why not make life simpler for your drivers, your logistics personnel and your business?

Exchange vehicle information automatically and in real time with your trusted network of pre-approved carriers

  • Exchange high volume VIN data and/or loads easily, maintaining your OEM requirements and remain 100% ePoD compliant
  • Drastically reduce complexity and double-entry cost of subcontracting to 3rd Party carriers
  • Enable your small carriers to be ePoD compliant and connected to your TMS system
  • Automate the vVINin-share process in your business, eliminating paper PoDs
  • Use one business process irrespective of the company or driver delivering your vehicles
  • Share loads and improve your delivery efficiency and asset utilization
  • Utilize your ePoD system to deliver vehicles for other carriers
  • Immediately connected to other participating carriers


What does it do?

  • Routes shipments between carriers systems, TMS to TMS
  • Provides mapping and translation services
  • Carrier uses their own ePoD system to deliver anyone's vehicles
  • Audits and records transaction activity for reporting
  • Updates status and delivery events in real time
  • Provides a supported and managed infrastructure and service
  • Operated by an independent and trusted company


How can I use it?

  • Subcontracting freight to subhaulers and 3rd party carriers
  • Eliminate manual entry of load data - electronically send/receive load data
  • Report on the delivery of vehicles by 3rd Parties
  • Increases your network of VIN exchange or load share partners
  • Trigger immediate invoice and/or payment of an invoice 
  • Use for arbitration of delivered vehicles
  • Improve visibility and management of 3rd Party freight
  • Improve truck optimization and loaded efficiency


What benefits do I gain?

Simple Carrier interface: CDN has done all the heavy lifting

  • Provides a standard for trading freight electronically, built for carriers by carriers
  • Can support Json or flat file FTP interface


Carriers can leverage a larger number of connected carriers

  • More carriers = greater benefit
  • Establishes new lanes of opportunity for giving and receiving beneficial freight
  • Helps keep freight moving
  • Enables greater efficiency of assets (trucks and people)
  • Can easily contract overflow freight to other carriers


Carriers can electronically consume freight into their TMS system

  • Ensures freight is ePoD compliant with OEM requirements
  • Carrier exchange enables carrier to use its own ePOD system
  • Subcontractors/third party carriers remain ePOD compliant
  • Eliminates manual entry of freight


Stay ahead of the OEM & their mandated requirements

  • Reduces potential of OEM mandating a requirement to trade electronically or setting another standard
  • Reduces risk of OEM pulling back freight for spot buys.


What problems does it solve?

Simplifies back office processes for shared loads

  • Eliminates administrative phone and email time of verification processes
  • Allows carriers to have a single business process for all vehicle movements
  • Removes paper and manual processes


Helps manage overflow freight

  • Establishes new partnership opportunities
  • Makes load sharing simple and easy
  • Eliminates wasted manual processes for people


Carriers can build better loads by getting freight from other carriers

  • Eliminates wasted space on trucks
  • Reduce empty miles
  • More freight = more efficient load building opportunities


Eliminates bad data

  • Eliminate partial & transposed vins 
  • Eliminate manual entry of data


What do I do next?

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About CDN

Car Delivery Network is a company of logistics technologists who passionately believe that modern software, combined with free thinking from like minded industry users, can bring positive benefits to automotive logistics service providers, shippers and their customers. At CDN, we do not accept the phrase of "because we have always done it that way". We constantly ask why and what if?