AutoCarrier Express implements vinDELIVER

01 November 2018

Todd Carter, Senior IT developer for Auto Carrier Express (ACE), chose to move forward with Car Delivery Networks vinDELIVER ePOD app as ACE’s latest ePOD* provider.

This was a great win for the CDN team as Carter very methodically evaluated all of the big ePOD providers within the industry. Carter said “when it came down to it, CDN made it a ‘no-brainer’ decision for ACE”. Changing a software solution always comes with its bumps, but Carter and ACE have been able to navigate those hurdles very effectively and easily says Car Delivery Network’s Derric Hicks General Manager of North America. Hicks also added, “it’s a testimony to the user friendliness of the vinDELIVER app when carriers are able to make a smooth transition from one ePOD solution to vinDELIVER. The app simply mirrors the driver’s delivery process.

*ePOD: electronic Proof of Service Delivery