CASE STUDY: Car-ology Ltd

05 October 2016


Customer profile:

Car-ology Vehicle Logistics has 16 years’ experience in the 'driven vehicle' logistics industry. The company prides itself on embracing change and believes effective communication with customers is key to its success. Car-ology was formed as a totally electronic trade plate company around 3½ years ago to provide an enhanced customer and driver experience in what it believed had become a poor service level industry.

Today, Car-ology handles over 15,000 vehicles per year.

The challenge: ‘Paper based process not working’

Prior to implementing CDN ePOD technology, all processes were paper based. Drivers were required to inspect the vehicles they were collecting and mark on a pictorial diagram any areas of damage, potentially resulting in inaccurate reporting. Moreover, there was no independent evidence of the vehicles’ fuel state or its current mileage, other than what the driver wrote on the form (assuming it was legible).

The drivers would then have to send the paperwork into the office where it would have to be processed and an invoice raised to the customer. Typically that process would take a week to ten days.

Car-ology was looking to drive up service levels by improving accuracy of information and speed of handling, so identified Car Delivery Network’s ePOD application as the perfect platform.

The solution: 

With CDN information processing is instantaneous thus improving cash flow, customer confidence, accuracy and is one less job for the driver to complete.

Car-ology has a team of fully trained drivers to deliver vehicles to customer’s doorsteps and is expert in handling dealer transfers, auction collections and fleet deliveries.

 Using the CDN ePOD app means Car-ology is able to offer seamless electronic customer service.  Clients can see their job details in real time when the driver is at collection point. Full vehicle appraisals can be logged and any damages reported instantly via the app on the drivers’ handheld device.

Use of the app has helped Car-ology increase the number of car deliveries by 40% in the last year.


People like to do business with those they know and trust

The transparency of the CDN system ensures a higher level of trust between the carriers and the customers they work for.

Facilitating the movement of 15,000 vehicles a year

Car-ology describes its experience of CDN ePOD, the benefits and how it has helped develop the business:

“The benefits of an electronic ePOD system are legion. We are only surprised that a large number of other carriers do not embrace it. It is the future of vehicle logistics. We currently move circa 15,000 vehicles a year and without an electronic ePOD system I doubt that we could move that number. The immediate data we can collect enables us to know our business position (sales, costs, travel, driver wages and overheads) within 48 hours. It is a fantastic business tool.”