CDN again nominated for Automotive Supply Chain Awards 2016

24 March 2016

For a second year running Car Delivery Network (CDN) has been nominated and selected as one of three finalists for the IT Innovation category of the North American Automotive Supply Chain Awards 2016.

Building on CDN's ePOD solution which lead to the 2015 award, CDN continued to innovate and solve visibility issues in the finished vehicle delivery supply chain and released vinYARD, the industry's first paperless gate release solution.   (see

Wayne Pollock, co-founder of CDN  said,  we are extremely humbled to learn about our second nomination. It is fantastic that the industry judges recognise our efforts to bring visibility of vehicle deliveries to the 'last mile' of the FVL supply chain - from rail head to the Dealer.

Today, CDN's ePOD solution delivers over 10% or 1.9 million new vehicle deliveries to US dealers after the adoption of CDN's ePOD solution by 1209 small and large auto transport companies and 3000+ drivers using the vinDELIVER mobile app to report vehicle delivery and condition reporting in North America.  With the rapid adoption of ePOD by industry hauliers CDN has been able to release a free industry Dealer Portal service where any dealer can access the real-time ETA's of inbounding vehicles as the delivery driver progresses his delivery to the dealer. Further, the Dealer Portal also offers the a repository of ePODs that has be delivered in the past. Wayne Pollock said, this is another example of the business value that can be created from real-time data capture in the field by the delivery agent.