CDN ePOD App delivers 12.6% of all US new vehicle deliveries

13 April 2016

Electronic Proof of Delivery specialist Car Delivery Network continues its rapid growth of ePOD provision.

After 22 months of trading CDN's vinDELIVER delivered 189,279 vehicles via ePOD in March 2016.

"Annualised that's 2.2 million VINs per year and there are approx. 18 million new vehicles/year in the US giving us a 12.6% market share" said Wayne Pollock, co-founder of CDN. Pollock added "We are very happy with this rapid growth with plenty more market potential. This growth rate is set to rapidly continue as many new carriers have recently connected to the CDN cloud platform and are about to roll-out vinDELIVER to their drivers".

CDN plans to add more low-cost, high-value mobile applications to aid the road carrier in 2016. CDN are currently focusing on an 'Hours of Service' app to conform with the ELD mandate or Electronic Logging Device requirements which becomes law very soon. (See

Pollock commented, "In true CDN fashion, we plan to offer the truck driver a suite of integrated and modular applications including a very low-cost Hours Of Service or HOS application. Truckers will be able to run one low-cost, rugged mobile device and run their ePOD, Hours of Service, Messaging, Driver Performance application as an integrated suite or just the apps they choose.