CDN raises $1 million for further growth

07 January 2015

After major industry success delivering ePOD solutions to the finished vehicle sector, Car Delivery Network (CDN) has just completed a private offering that brings total funds raised to the $1 million mark. The funds were raised from private investors outside the automotive industry, thus ensuring the company remains independently owned and operated.

CDN’s CEO and President, Greg May said, "These funds will be used to further develop our vinVISIBLE service solution to provide OEMs and LSPs with low-cost and cloud-based visibility of their supply chain." With various customer projects now underway across the finished vehicle sector, CDN plans to showcase vinVISIBLE this summer at the 2015 Finished Vehicle Logistics conference in Newport Beach, CA.

Mike Thorby, Chief Technical Officer, commented, “It is really quite ironic that our lead investor approached CDN after purchasing a brand new luxury vehicle and was told by his dealer that he would have to wait for delivery and nobody could tell him when his car would actually arrive.  He laughed when he saw our parody video (Dude, where’s my car?) from a previous FVL conference.”  See:

CDN provides real-time network and asset visibility tools covering the entire outbound automotive logistics supply chain. CDN is actively seeking product development input from OEMs and LSPs looking for real-time visibility of their distribution networks and freight movements. Contact us to learn more about our vinVISIBLE beta program and add your requirements to our innovative and low-cost cloud based applications.