New App offers free dispatching service for US car dealers

18 August 2016

Following the successful launch of its vinDISPATCH Dealer Portal*, automotive logistics software specialist Car Delivery Network (CDN) has added a free dispatching service to its vinDISPATCH suite for US car dealers, now enabling them to find reliable, competitively priced and high quality vehicle delivery carriers at the touch of a button.

The new application, vinDISPATCH Marketplace, offers another key service for US auto dealership to manage inbound and outbound vehicles, allowing dealers to request quotes or fix a price, and then transact with the carrier and driver via their unique vinDISPATCH login.This means that in addition to gaining visibility of their new vehicles inbounding to their dealership in real time, now they will be able to book outbound auto deliveries from their dealership as well.

The vinDISPATCH service builds on the ongoing success and increasingly widespread use of CDN’s automotive ePOD technology. According to co-founder and director of Car Delivery Network, Wayne Pollock, ePOD technology is the cornerstone and the new vinDISPATCH Marketplace is the latest example of its power and potential.

He comments, "With truck drivers connected via mobile technology both to their office and to customers, a wealth of business value is unlocked for all parties involved. The auto dealer and the carrier have a realtime view of what is happening for auto deliveries. The new marketplace technology is a natural addition to the vinDISPATCH Dealer Portal.”  

Wayne continues, “Traditionally, dealers would phone around looking for a quality carrier with availability. Slowly, that approach has died away with the proliferation of Loadboards or websites that simply advertised work. Now, vinDISPATCH takes the Loadboard concept to a new level. Our platform has connected the automotive logistics demand and supply together in real-time, so that rather than phoning around, CDN’s cloud platform instantly brings these two parties together."

CDN’s ePOD solution continues to grow, Today, over 15% of all new vehicles (approx, 2.5m vehicles) annually are delivered by auto delivery truck drivers using CDN’s mobile app to thousands of US car dealers.