Rapid growth for CDN as market embraces Electronic Proof of Delivery

06 July 2016

Car Delivery Network’s ePOD App now handles 2.5 million vehicles per annum - 15% marketshare in US and Canada.

Within two years of FCA (Chrysler) mandating the use of ePOD technology, the business has seen extraordinary growth, with many of the major OEMs and Shippers following suit.

As a result, CDN saw unit volumes with its vinDELIVER mobile app exceeding 200,000 vins for the month of May 2016, giving the company an equivalent marketshare of over 15%.

Currently,  CDN has over 1330 registered auto transport fleets across the U.S. and Canada, including some of the largest and best known operators, servicing 10 OEMs. The total number of delivery agents is now well over 3000 and rising.

Despite initial resistance to change, CDN believes that there is now real momentum towards ePOD in the marketplace, as more carriers recognise the benefits of increased visibility and control in the ‘final mile’ of the supply chain, with 100%  real time reporting facilitating significantly improved customer service.

“We are very pleased with how North American auto haulers have embraced vinDELIVER" said Greg May, Car Delivery Network Inc, CEO and President. "Reaching an annual run rate of over 2.5 million vins and achieving 15% market share of all new vehicle deliveries in less than two years has greatly exceeded our expectations for growth. As OEMs and shippers recognise the competitive edge delivered by adopting ePOD technology, we have seen many new carriers connecting to the CDN cloud platform and predict continued growth as they roll-out vinDELIVER to their drivers".