US AutoLogistics, LLC pilots new Electronic Logging Device from CDN

05 August 2016

US AutoLogistics, LLC (USAL) has commenced the first phase of their pilot of Car Delivery Network’s new Electronic Logging Device (ELD), which captures truck and driver performance, GPS and Hours Of Service data, and transmits it back to CDN’s cloud servers.

CDN has developed the new technology to support automotive carriers in the US, as both electronic logging and electronic reporting of hours of service (HOS) will soon be a legal FMCSA requirement.

‘First truly integrated solution’

The ELD devices are connected to the trucks CAN bus and Driver’s tablet via bluetooth and transmit truck data to support the Hours of Service (HOS) application running on the tablet. Mike Thorby, a CDN co founder and CTO said, “With the introduction of our new ELD, we can eliminate more paper in the truck. Traditionally, similar systems have been implemented as standalone solutions that are not truly integrated into the operations of the carrier’s Transport Management System. This new technology provides an opportunity to change the way truck and driver data are used, improving efficiency while complying with the new regulations. We believe there is huge value in connecting the truck, the driver, and the freight information, such as condition reports together, in real time, delivering increased visibility and control.”

CDN’s HOS application will be fully integrated with its suite of CDN apps, including CDN’s award winning vinDELIVER ePOD application, which is now used in the delivery of 15% of all new vehicle movements in the US . In addition, as a comprehensive driver and truck performance application, ELD  will support drivers and help the carrier’s dispatch office manage driver hours and fleet operations more effectively.

New display in development

CDN is developing a web page display for dispatchers that shows an complete overview, including truck location, driver’s hours of service, on-board freight, inventory at facilities, and 3rd party freight availability enabling dispatchers to make better decisions around empty miles, load optimization, asset utilization and truck routes.

CDN plans to showcase the new ELD app at AHAA’s conference in November and will have the ELD, HOS, driver and truck performance suite available by end of Q4 2016.

CDN is actively seeking further partners to pilot its ELD technology, for more information companies should contact